Administrative arrangements for monitoring property

The Technical Departments of the Public Administrations (Provinces / Regions) use their own means to develop specific monitoring plans on the basis of local regulations, with specificity that are highlighted (see par. 5).

Currently, the following parameters are specifically monitored:

– The quality of the air

– The quality of flowing water

– The status of glaciers and of snow blankets.

– The stability of snowy masses

– The stability of slopes.

– The status of the animal populations of particular naturalistic interest.

– The use of paths and many other aspects of the structure and functionality of the ecological and territorial systems.

The subjects involved in monitoring and controlling the territory are rather varied (see par.5.g). In compliance with the Programme Agreement signed by the Provinces, the monitoring actions that are currently carried out according to criteria and using methods that sometimes differ, will gradually be harmonised and partly re-programmed in order to suit the objectives of the Management Framework.