The Dolomites are special and beautiful mountains

Dolomiti di BrentaCatinaccio/RosengartenThe Dolomites are nominated as a serial property since they appear as an organic whole even though they have a complex structure both from the geographical/landscape and the geological/geomorphological point of view. In fact the different systems make up a composition of evidence and landscape peculiarities, interlinked by a network of genetic and aesthetic relationships.

This Nomination Document proposes that the unique landscape of the Dolomites be recognized through the award of World Heritage Site status, in particular because of their universal importance for the Earth Sciences (the Dolomites are one of the historical locations for the origin of Earth Sciences) and for their oustanding natural beauty and aesthetic importance.

The achievement of long-term protection and positive management for the nominated Site is a central concern of the proposal. Work towards this nomination has taken several years of active local, national and international consultation, and the principles and priorities for management have been established through thorough debate. A management framework has been prepared to accompany this nomination, which points up the common engagement of the local Administrations and outlines the future management of the nominated area.

The Provincia di Belluno, part of the Regione Veneto, the Provincia di Pordenone and the Provincia di Udine, included in the Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia-Giulia, the Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano - Alto Adige / Autonome Provinz Bozen-Südtirol and the Provincia Autonoma di Trento have prepared this nomination, with the scientific contribution, assistance and advice of distinguished professors, many people and institutions. We believe that World Heritage Site status would provide an important contribution to the long-term conservation of the Dolomites and it would ensure that its earth science interests and its outstanding beauty are properly recognized. We are fully committed to working together to support the protection and public understanding of these superb mountains, in partnership with the many organisations and individuals who own, manage, visit and value it.

We are delighted, therefore, to commend this nomination to the World Heritage Committee of UNESCO.