Existing plans related to municipality and region in which the proposed property is located

One important form of protection is afforded by the urban and territorial planning schemes, which fall under the responsibility of the State, Regions and Autonomous Provinces, Provinces and Municipalities. They are organised into various levels and various application sectors. A hierarchical view of the planning process is usually taken, in which the basic principles and rules laid down by the State are used as a reference for the subordinate levels, which are, in descending order, the Regions and Autonomous Provinces, ordinary Provinces and Municipalities. Some subjects fall exclusively under State rule. A typical example of this is soil protection. In other cases, such as the protection of nature, the State sets the basic rules for naturalistic and environmental planning, but this is done without prejudice to the Regions and Autonomous Provinces’ power to legislate in the same field. The Autonomous Provinces of Trento and Bolzano have legislative power over Urban and Territorial Planning. The Provinces as a whole are covered by the regional or provincial master plans and urban plans, but the nomination process shows that there is a great degree of homogeneity in the plans that cover the Dolomites and in the heterogeneous legislative structure to be found in local and regional autonomous structures. An overview of the urbanistic and planning instruments for each Province in the Dolomites area is found in the Annex.