Sources and levels of finance

Protection of the property is currently paid for by the Administrations, each using their own technical and financial means, and to varying degrees in relation to the respective management rules and a synergy of many other competing factors. The Programme Agreement signed by the Presidents of the Provinces provides for the setting up the Dolomiti-Unesco Committee, which is a system for harmonising all the actions required to manage protection and utilization of the Dolomites asset, from a technical and financial point of view. It is also stated that the Administrations will pay all future financial costs resulting from the undertaking to harmonise the protection, control and utilization strategies for the Property, as outlined in the Management Framework. An initial estimate of the minimum expenditure for joint management of the Dolomites asset indicates an annual budget of Euro 250,000, which means an estimated cost of Euro 50,000 on the part of each of the provincial / regional administrations involved.