System 2: Marmolada

Lithological sketch representing the geometric relationships between geological units in the Marmolada areaLithological sketch representing the geometric relationships between geological units in the Marmolada areaThe Marmolada Group rises up almost at the centre of the Dolomites (attachment 2.5). It is the highest summit of the Dolomites and it possesses some of the most extended glacier; from here the name of “The Queen of the Dolomites”. It reaches a maximum height of 3,343 meters with Punta Penia, and it covers an area of approx. 4.6 km2. To the north, the valleys of the Cordevole Torrent and the Avisio River, which join through the Passo Pordoi (2,239 m), isolate it from the Sella Group. The Cordevole River valley closes the group to the east; to the south it is closed by the Biois Torrent, which has left tributaries that drain the southern side of the massif, and the San Pellegrino Brook, linking it to the Passo di San Pellegrino (1,919 m). To the west the Marmolada Group continues, without interruption, with the Cima di Costabella (2,762 m), the Monzoni Group (Ricoletta, 2,647 m) and Monte Vallaccia (2,637 m) through to the Avisio Torrent. The Marmolada Group can be divided in two parts. The southern part extends to the south of the San Nicolò Valley, bordered off by the Passo Ombretta and Pettorina Valley. Here there are a series of ridges: the chain between Costabella and Cima dell’Uomo (3,010 m), Cime d’Ombretta-Sasso Vernale (3,058 m), Cima Ombrettola-Sasso di Val Fredda (3,009 m), Monte Fop (2,892 m), Catena dell’Auta (Cime di Auta, 2,623 m), Monte Pezza (2,408 m) and Sasso Bianco (2,407 m); in the most southern part, the plains of Compagnaccia, Tegnausa and Schita, through to Pian dell’Anima. In the North, which includes the top of the massif, there are other important peaks: Pala di Vernel (2,836 m), Gran Vernel (3,210 m) and Piccolo Vernel (3,098 m), Roda de Mulon (2,882 m), Pizzo Serauta (3,069 m), Punta Rocca (3,309 m) and, to the west of the main group, separated by the Contrin Valley, the Collaccio Chain (2,715 m) and the Sasso di Rocca (2,618 m).

Punta Penia and Sasso VernalePunta Penia and Sasso Vernale